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Andrew Sobler Civil War and Reconstruction 4 th November 2007 Battle of Gettysburg outline Day 1 -two divisions of Confederate soldiers head to Gettysburg run into Buford’s Federal cavalry west of the town at Willoughby Run and begin fighting, fighting quickly escalates, Lee rushes in w/ over 25,000; Union had less than 20,000 men, Reynolds’ Federal I Corps begins to arrive at 10 a.m., Reynolds is killed leading his men into battle by a sniper -Lee arrives on the battlefield just in time to witness his converging units drive the Federals, were pushed back through Gettysburg and regrouped south on the high ground; Lee orders Gen. Ewell to seize that area, Ewell refused, Union was able to dig in and bring reinforcements -Hancock arrives, orders the build-up of the line from Culp’s Hill through Cemetary Ridge to Little Round Top, this area isn’t really occupied except for only a few men; Confederate general Longstreet disagrees with Lee’s decision to stay, argues he should move east between the Union Army and Washington and build up defense; Meade orders
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gettysburgoutline - Andrew Sobler Civil War and...

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