1.14 - Adam Clifton 1/14/08 Issues Management in PR What's...

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Adam Clifton 1/14/08 Issues Management in PR What’s an issue? : A contestable question of fact , value , or policy o Contestable because people are approaching from different view point. o Example - Wal-Mart in Blacksburg o Facts ; 1. The value issue would that there is a school in the back yard 2. There would be more traffic here 3. Local business and small shops would close E.g. - The “Keep Austin weird” shirts o They’re valuing their city and small business and their uniqueness 1/16/08 Chapter 1 : It’s strategic because you’re trying to identify trends and how you can plan for these forms of occurrences People should sanction themselves before the governing body will sanction you because they may be tougher on you, but they should mainly balance the interests of all segments of the community so that each enjoys the proper amount of reward or benefit in proportion to the cost of allowing industry free rein to impose its own operating standards Definition - strategic use of issues analysis and strategic responses to help organizations adaptations needed to achieve harmony and foster mutual interests with the communities in which they operate Issues Management Model (Crable and Vibbler 1985): o Consists of; Monitoring the public policy and communication process Identifying those issues of greatest potential importance to the organization Evaluating their operational and financial impacts through issues analysis Prioritizing and establishing company policy positions by coordinating and assisting senior management decision making Creating the company Response from among a range of issue- change strategy options Implementing the plans through issue action programming 5 stages that issues go through ; 1. Potential - interest is present but not very evident 2. Imminent - interest builds and legitimacy occurs
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3. Current - people participate in the and discover what 4. Critical - issue demands a decision 5. Dormant - issue is resolved or forgotten o Trend searching will occur in o An issue never dies and can always resurface o E.g .- Healthcare Immigration is in critical Origins of issues management came from the 1960s where people stopped trusting government institutions and now the government needed to look at the public’s opinion o Now companies and government have to address what society wants Legitimacy - a social contract that organizations have that allow them to continue to operate o E.g. - if VT doesn’t meet its standards then it’s no longer legitimate o Organizations have to meet society’s expectations or a legitimacy gap occurs Legitimacy gap
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1.14 - Adam Clifton 1/14/08 Issues Management in PR What's...

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