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Part 1 Melody: Musical line Melody - is the line, or tune, in music, a concept that is shared by most cultures o The element in music that appeals most directly to the listener o A succession of single pitches that we perceive as recognizable whole Range - the distance between the lowest and highest notes that the melody goes up and down on o The range of the movements Contour - the overall shape as it turns upward or downward or remains static o How it moves up and down Interval- the distance between and two pitches of a melody o Conjunct- melodies that move principally by small intervals in a joined connected manner are o Disjunct- melodies that move in larger disconnected intervals Melody Structure Phrase- a unit of meaning within a larger structure Cadence- where the phrase ends o It may be inconclusive giving the listener the impression of more to come o It may be final giving the listener the impression that the melody has reached the end o Where the singer or musician pauses to get breath Rhyme scheme- describes the similarity in the sound of the last syllables in each line Climax- the high point in a melodic line which usually represents a peak in intensity as well as in range Counter melody- when the relative importance of one melody over the other is clear and the added tune is the counter melody Rhythm and Meter: Musical Time Rhythm- what moves music forward in time, it propels music Beat- basic unit of rhythm, it is a regular pulse that divides time into equal segments o Accented- stronger beats Meters- the organized patterns of rhythmic pulses o Measures- meters in notation Measure lines- regular vertical lines on which the music is notated Metrical Patterns Downbeat- the first accented beat of each pattern o Referring to the downward beat of the conductors hand o Duple meter- the most basic patter alternates on a strong downbeat with a weak beat o Triple meter- basic pattern, three beats to a measure one strong beat and two weak ones
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Associated with dances like the waltz o Quadruple meter- contains 4 beats to the measure with a primary accent on the first beat and a secondary on the 3 rd , usually has a broader feeling o Simple meters- meters in which the beat as duple subdivisions
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