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2/13/08 : Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Keeping the stakeholders interest in mind Guiding beacon that drives the ethics Closely tied to ethics Definition - Notion that corporations should be held accountable at least for a portion of the issues in the society in which they operate It’s not the press release it’s the relationship building. Cause-related marketing; Giving when it’s related to a product. Philanthropy; Different from CRM because you’re giving instead of it being related to a product and it’s tax deductible. o E.g.- someone donates to an art center The Lyric would have died without this. The federal government authorized tax deductible donations. You’re going to give the money anyway in taxes so might as well give it to somewhere you can choose.
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Unformatted text preview: What happens when a corporations whose CRS doesnt match societys standards? Legitimacy gap We expect organizations to E.g.- Wal-Mar has been known to take and not give back. o Create jobs, but theyre low wage jobs It stops being socially responsible when it almost totally benefits the corporation. Corporate Social Performance; The measure that was developed t assess corporate social responsibility o Also, a measure of how well organizations are meeting their corporate social responsibility o 5 Dimensions; 1. community relations 2. employer relations 3. diversity issues 4. quality of service/product 5. environmental issues depending on what industry youre in, you;; try to hit all 5...
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