sea lab - very little about the “deep biosphere.”...

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Source: EurekAlert! Marine Science Portal – Feb. 21st 2008 Off the Internet at: Article Name: USC awarded $3.9M for lab under the sea Author: Terah DeJong of the University of Southern California Article Summary: It is now believed that recently discovered sub seafloor microbes may affect ocean chemistry, the marine food web and global climate. Thanks to a $3.9 million grant from the Betty Moore foundation to the University of Southern California researcher Katrina Edwards is going to lead a decade long drilling expedition to study life underneath the sea floor. According to Terah Dejong of USC, The entire volume of the Earth’s oceans circulate through the seabed every 200,000 years, which is lightning fast by geological standards. Katrina Edwards describes the ocean crust as being “The ocean crust is more like fractured hard sponge cake than what we think of as truly solid,” Yet scientists stil know
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Unformatted text preview: very little about the “deep biosphere.” That’s why Edwards and over 30 others have pushed for this one of a kind drilling experiment. The drilling will take place close to Bermuda and through sediments which have accumulated over the past 7 million years. They are also going to drill through the layer off basalt underneath and conduct long term experiment on both rock types. Through this they expect to obtain details about the microbes in details which are possible to find out using only tock samples and lab cultures. Traditional methods will not work. Through these experiments scientists hope further understand how bacteria at different depths are related to each other. Through this they could perhaps learn how bacteria evolved and even the origin of life. This being said, the scientist are still unsure of what they will discover. Says Edwards: “No one has ever done a project like this before, so we don’t really know.”...
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