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Source: EurekAlert! Marine Science Portal – Feb. 18 th 2008 Off the Internet at: http://www.eurekalert.org/marinescience/ Article Name: Unveiling the underwater ways of the white shark. Author: Louis Bergeron of Stanford University Article Summary: The white shark (commonly known as the great white shark) is one of the most elusive creatures of the sea. Until recently the white shark they had also been amongst the most difficult to study. However. The modern advances in tracking technology have allowed ecologists and marine biologists to discover a wider range of the ocean than ever before. In 1999, Stanford University joined forces with top researchers of many other institutions to form a Marine life project named Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP). Since it began they have tagged over 3000 creatures including sharks, seals, whales, tunas, squids albatross and others. TOPP has spent a great deal of its time studying the white shark and one of the top researchers of the project is Salvador Jorgenson, a post doctoral researcher at Stanford
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