brushing your teeth in the morning is very PRACTICAL

brushing your teeth in the morning is very PRACTICAL - The...

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The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down a) A very brief summary of events covered, and b) comments and/or questions about the reading to that point In the third part of the book, you learn about when the Hmong were fleeing to Thailand to escape harm and hopefully live peacefully. After a long treacherous journey that led to the death of three children, many Hmong families ended up in America, where they were dispersed with government help. The major change from their cultural communal lifestyle was devastating to many of them. Once resettlement money was stopped many clans chose to resettle again as a group to the area with highest welfare subsidies, California. There they began to live their life. Many of the older Hmong were unable and unwilling to assimilate at all and they worked low-wage blue-collar jobs if they worked at all. The younger family members began to learn English and went to schools in America where they started the assimilation process. Many of these children were able to go off to higher wage jobs or
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