paper 1 - Oct. 16th 2007 EMUS 3822 Discussion Paper...

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Oct. 16 th 2007 EMUS 3822 Discussion Paper Question #3 Since the inception of file sharing hubs like Napster, Morpheus and Limewire there has been an ever-increasing debate among the record companies, file sharing owners and the general public. This argument has been in essence over the availability of copyrighted music that is attainable for free through these file-sharing sites. The argument has both sides pitted against each other and some have taken positions that you would not expect. I, however, am on the same side that most, if not all, of the general public is on. I am for file sharing because it helps musicians more than it hurts them and because I believe that current songs and albums are currently over priced. To see if file sharing truly does help musicians more than it harms them we must compare the pros and cons of file sharing. “There was a billion music downloads last year, but music sales are up. Where's the evidence that downloads hurt business? Downloads are creating more demand. (” From this quote we can see that even though there are a very large amount of free downloads going on, the music business is still growing. An additional pro for the file-sharing aspect of the argument is that it gives old bands a new life. People have hard times finding CD’s of their favorite bands when they were kids and file-sharing connects thousands of people together of all
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paper 1 - Oct. 16th 2007 EMUS 3822 Discussion Paper...

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