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PSY 111 August 22, 2007 "How do people decide whether to believe something they are told or read to be true or reject it as false?" There are several reasons as to why one may chose whether or not they believe something they have read or have been told to be true. What I believe to be the most important factor in the decision is the source of the information. One is more likely to believe a piece they have read on then something they found on’s internet web blog. This is because CNN has gained a reputation as a reliable source over the years it has been around. The environment one is raised in can also contribute to their decision on what to believe is true or false. One who is raised in a trustworthy environment is more likely to believe something they have heard or read as opposed to one who is raised to second
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Unformatted text preview: guess and try to gain as much information as possible before making a final decision. People who are constantly being taken advantage of are often labeled as too trustworthy and are too quick in deciding something is true or false. Simple observations can be key in one’s choice to believe something to be true or false. For example; when a man like Barry Bonds says he has never used performance-enhancing drugs, it is clearly false. The comparison in his build when he was in his late 20’s to his late 30’s tells it all. Observations of a person’s body language can often tell a lot more then the actually statement they are trying to make. Sweaty palms, nervous shakes and stuttering are warning signs that can lead one to believe a person is lying....
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