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am gov study guide - Political Parties Book Def groups of...

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Political Parties Book Def: groups of like minded people who band together in an attempt to take control of government. Parties represent the primary connection between ordinary citizens and the public officials they elect. Class Def: loosening (loosing power), bipolar (2 choices republican or democrat), heterogeneous (diversity/differences), coalitions (loose groups of diverse interests grouped together) in equilibrium (balance of congressional and presidential power. Roles: 1. organize and operate government 2. serve as vehicles for the people to the government (bring together diverse views and compromise 3. focus our voting behavior (decision making) In the Past: 1. use of the Spoils system (a system of govt empolyment in which workers are hired on the basis of party loyalty.) to pass out govt jobs for patronage (jobs, contracts, or favors given to political friends and allies). 2. Powered by political bosses (machines: a highly organized party under control of a boss and based on patronage and control of govt activities.) Reforms: 1. Primary Election system 2. Pendleton Civil Service Act (now get jobs b/c of merit or pass a civil service exam) legislation passed in 1883 creating the Civil Service Commission Two party system: system in which only two significant parties compete for office. (b/c of the nature of our electoral system) Realignment: occurs when the pattern of group support for political parties shifts in a signifigant and lasting way. Single Member Single Plurality (SMSP): electoral system in which the country is divided into geographic districts and the candidates who win the most votes in their district are elected. Either 1. republican 2. democrat 3. modern 3 rd parties 1. populists 2. progressives 3. libertarian 4. reform 5. green party How PP's lost power then 1. conventions 2. candidate selection by party 3. party voting 4. straight party ticket How PP's loose power now
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am gov study guide - Political Parties Book Def groups of...

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