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History - Spartacus Research - Rebel Without a Cause What...

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Rebel Without a Cause? What was Spartacus’s Ultimate Goal? How Did other Rebels Disagree with Him? How Did the Disagreements Affect the Course of the War? Who was Right, Spartacus or the others? Compare the various ancient accounts. Which account(s) are most/least persuasive? Why? Plutarch 62 “At this point, many of the herdsmen and shepards from the surrounding regions—hard bodied and swiftfooted men—came to join the slaves. The slaves armed some of these men; they used others as scouts and light-armed troops.” 132. – Says nothing about Spartacus’ intent to have a full out slave war. It just happened, and Spartacus adjusted his plan. “Spartacus came within a hair’s breadth of capturing Cossinius at Salinae when the Roman commander was bathing.” 133. – obviously not a conventional attack. Spartacus was thinking strategically and like a guerilla. “Thinking it unlikely that he would be able to defeat the Roman forces, Spartacus instead led his army toward the Alps. Once they crossed the mountains, he thought that it would be best, indeed the necessary, course of action for the men to disperse to their own homelands, some to Thrace and others to Gaul. But his men, who now had confidence in their great number and had grander ideas in their heads, did not obey him. Rather they began to pillage Italy far and wide.” 133. -- Beyond not being able to argue with results, who was right? “Gellius made a sudden surprise attack on a force of Germans, who, because of their insolent arrogance, had separated themselves from Spartacus’ main forces. He slaughted the lot of them.” 133. W/o Spartacus, they lost. On page 133, he wins in a pitched battle. Or at least an “engaged” battle. “When he came to the Strait, he happened to meet with some Cilician pirates and so decided that he would try to seize Sicily. Spartacus hoped that by landing two thousand men on the island, he would rekindle the fires of the slave war there, a conflagration that had been put out only a short time before…” 134. Not a bad idea… Spartacus (PERHAPS) wanted to march on Rome. “Crassus was now afraid that a sudden impulse would
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History - Spartacus Research - Rebel Without a Cause What...

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