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Paul Pedrow WRTG 16300-05 Maggie Gerrity March 4, 2008 Watch Football, Eat Wings, Joke Around, and Drink Beer The following are links to the commercials discussed in this article: In today’s increasingly competitive markets advertising is an essential aspect of bringing in profits. Competition in the marketing field has become fierce because of the high potential for profit that a good marketing campaign can carry. For some companies, succeeding in selling their product revolves around advertising. Many of these companies sell what are known as homogeneous products. These are products that are very similar, and they are often provided by more than one company. How do these companies convince consumers that their product is the best choice even though it is likely they can get the same performance from another company’s product? Why choose Coke over Pepsi? Why smoke Marlboro instead of Camel? What makes Bud Light better than Coors Light? Some people actually do notice a difference in taste and quality, but for most of us the answer is advertising. A key element in advertising is making the billboard, magazine ad, television commercial, or whatever type of media a business prefers appeal to the type of person that the company thinks will want to buy their product. This is called hitting your target market. A great example of companies that have battled endlessly to sell their products to the same target market is the large breweries in America. There is an ongoing battle between Budwieser, Miller, and Coors. They also constantly struggle to beat out the imported competition like Corona and Heineken. We have all heard Miller Lite’s “great taste, less filling” slogan and seen Heineken’s
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“It’s all about the beer” commercials. The major breweries around the world have paid billions, if not trillions, of dollars over the years for advertising agencies to make commercials that appeal to a certain lifestyle. They call it the lifestyle of the “genuine American drinker.” They have done tons of market research and determined the demographic that is willing to spend the most money on their product. In American culture, drinking could be considered a pastime. In the 1920’s, when the government tried to outlaw alcohol there was intense upheaval and resistance to the new laws. Alcohol is predominantly consumed by men because their tolerance to its effects is higher, and it has become a tool for bonding among them. The enjoyment of drinking a beer with buddies transferred into the sporting world somewhere in history, and the combination of drinking and sports has had a flourishing relationship ever since. The Anheuser-Busch company realized this incredible correlation, and they used it to
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beeradsfinal - Paul Pedrow WRTG 16300-05 Maggie Gerrity...

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