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Twitchell Quote Analysis

Twitchell Quote Analysis - America as a consuming culture...

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Twitchell Quote Analysis “To the rest of the world we do indeed seem not just born to shop, but alive to shop.” Twitchell pg. 18 This is the opening to James Twitchell’s last paragraph of the first section of his first chapter in, Lead Us Into Temptation. It is indeed a powerful statement. Its meaning can be analyzed probably for hours, and could most likely cause some heated debate. When I first read this bold statement from him there a few things I believe he is assuming. One is the fact that America is being looked at by the rest of the world as having a over-consuming culture. Whether or not there are other cultures with a similar problem is overlooked at this time. The other thing he assumes from this statement is that we as a culture seem, “born to shop.” These two things are obvious beliefs that Twitchell has throughout this book, and are the main problem he addresses. I believe that this particular quote from his novel is the first major emphasis he puts on the fact that
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Unformatted text preview: America as a consuming culture has gone too far. This is where he makes it perfectly clear that he is not just saying we shop too much; he is saying that it has become our purpose in life to be consumers. I believe that Twitchell is saying this is where we have separated from the other over-consuming cultures in the world. He projects the belief that we, America, have taken it to the next level, let things get out of hand, and lost the drive to search for true value in life. Rather, we just try and make as much money as we can so we have the coolest stuff. To me this quote encompasses what I have read so far in his novel. The question this leaves in my head is, “Does anyone think that he is maybe too quick to generalize the American population? It would take a lot to make me believe that there is not a large group of people out there who find true happiness within their family, friends, religion, or even helping others.”...
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