Social Change Midterm Concepts

Social Change Midterm Concepts - Septima Clark Karl Marx...

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These are the concepts that will need to be known for the midterm/final, so make sure to pay attention when these are brought up Conflict Theory Functionalist theory (Structural Functionalism) Colonialism Surplus value "Great Man" theories Hegemony Red Power Movement Self determination Freedom Summer Rationalization Black Power Citizenship Schools Civil Rights Movement Primitive accumulation Internal Colonialism Network Theories Capitalism Colonies of settlement Colonies of rule Eurocentrism Feudalism Highlander folk school
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Unformatted text preview: Septima Clark Karl Marx Max Weber Social Change in relation to time and space Commodity Capital Rational Actor Theories Cultural Theories of leadership Feminist Theories of leadership Chaos Theories Network Theories Racialization of African Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, Chinese Americans, Filipinos, etc… Urban Relocation Hollow promises Alcatraz Termination Policies Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Meritocracy Industrialization Assimilation...
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Social Change Midterm Concepts - Septima Clark Karl Marx...

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