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Food Safety questions/answers 1. What are contemporary concerns regarding food safety in the U.S (and in other countries as well)? One large concern regarding food safety stems from September 11. People have become worried that terrorists may try to poison our food supply in order to either kill people or undermine public confidence which would lead to economic downfall. Some other concerns are that toxins, pesticides, and other harmful things could get into the food supply via imports of particular foods from foreign countries. Seafood from China has shown to contain drugs and pesticides in cases. 2. Why are "blanket solutions" of solution impossible to apply to the food system (food chain) as a whole? Blanket solutions are seemingly impossible because food passes between so many different hands before it reaches our tables. It is also difficult because “protecting dairy products is different from protecting apple juice, which is different from protecting beef”. So many people/companies would have to keep track of every possible liability that it is
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