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Sheet1 Page 1 trc ch 1. which of the following favored large social programs sponsored by the federal govt.? a. FDR b. JFK c. LBJ c 2. how many modern presidents would propose to shut down a program like social security? a. no modern presidents 3. IN THE OPINION OF YOUR AUTHORS, no matter who occupies the white house, are the following issues must be delt wit h a. the proper extent of govt. intervention in domestic problems b. How govt. should respond to national needs b 4. by the mid 1990's did the social security program face the following problems?
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Unformatted text preview: a. the expansion of the program,coupled with contineuing inflation, had created enormous financial strain on the program b. social security taxes go into a trust fund, so program can be self-sustaining but payment 2 recipients r outpacing the growth c. part of the problem is demorgaphic, compared when program started there were proportionately fewer ppl of workin age to p 5.the persian-gulf war illustrated what problem that the united states faces having to much dependence on? a.foreign petrolieum products....
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