trd ch 17 - 15. Adam Smith wrote "WEALTH OF...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ch 17 def 1. Is the economy a important political issue? (4 ?'s) 2. Employment act of 1946 (3 ?'s) 3. which party favors more government intervention in the economy? (2?'s) 4. High-Technology stocks 5. G.W. Bush and privatization of S.S. 6. BUSHES TAX CUTS AND BUDGET DEFFICITS 7. substantial budget surpluses. (2?'s) 8. across-the-board tax cut 4 everyone. 9. "its the economy stupid" CLINTON 10. economic conditions in 1992. 11. central idea of the NEW DEAL and who was responsable for it. (3 ?'s) 12. capitalism 13. laize-faires 1 14. mixed/modified free-enterprise system
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Adam Smith wrote "WEALTH OF NATIONS" 16. John Manyerd Keynes and the fiscal policy 17. Keynesian economics and FDR 18. MILTON FREEDMAN AND UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. 19. supply-side economics 20. president regan and social services 21. supply-side economics provides for 22. fiscal policy 23. national debt in 2004 24. federal reserve board Sheet1 Page 2 25. monetary policy 26. tarriff tax on imported goods. 27. in 2000 congress approved normal trade relations with this country...
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trd ch 17 - 15. Adam Smith wrote "WEALTH OF...

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