Chapter 12 definitions

Chapter 12 definitions - 14. How is the speaker of the...

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Chapter 12 definitions 1. Who has the constitutional power to confirm presidential appointments to the federal courts and approve and reject treaties? 2. Power of the purse 3. Profession best represented by congress. a. Lawyers 4. Percentage of 108 th congress whom are women. a. 15.7% 5. Number of women in the senate during the 108 th a. 84 6. Number of African Americans in the 108 th congress a. 42 7. Number of Hispanic in the 108 th congress a. 29 8. A typical member of congress is a xxxx 9. Instructed delegate a. The idea that legislators should automatically mirror the will of the majority of their constituents. 10. Safe-seat a. 11. Which house of congress has the most safe seats?
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a. 12. How many members serve in the house of reps.? a. 535 13. Speaker of the house a. Leads the majority party in the house b. The presiding officer
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Unformatted text preview: 14. How is the speaker of the house selected? a. A 15. Recorded vote in house of reps. a. Members vote electronically and the position of each is noted and published in the Congressional Record. 16. Senate majority leader 17. Filibuster a. 18. Cloture a. To cut off debate on changes in senate rules, a vote of two-thirds of the senators present is still required. 19. Standing-committee a. Permanent committees that consider bills and conduct hearings and investigations. 20. Select committee 21. Joint committee 22. General accounting office 23. Over-written veto a. 24. Legislative veto a. A provision of law in which congress asserts the power to override or strike down an action by the executive branch...
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Chapter 12 definitions - 14. How is the speaker of the...

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