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Test review questions 3-10-08 1. Under a democratic form of govt. who is theoretically supreme? a. Voter 2. Do the following voter attitudes affect voter turnout? a. Intensity of partisan preference b. The degree of interest c. The sense of political effectiveness i. YES 3. ALTHOUGH party identification remains a key factor in American politics, there are signs that it may be growing somewhat More or Less important. 4. Since the end of World War 2, the Democratic Party has been Stronger or Weaker in congressional elections than in presidential elections. 5. The process of nominating and selecting party leaders is governed by.
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Unformatted text preview: a. State law 6. To become president of the US a candidate must receive a of the electoral votes cast. a. Majority 7. The meaning of elections in the U.S. a. They decide which individuals shall govern. b. They have important consequence for the broad direction of public policy. c. They leave elected officials with a great deal of flexibility in governing, but do set broad guidelines within which decision makers must stay, or risk reprisals by voters....
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