TRC CH 3 - a Categorical grant 6 The Medicaid and food...

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TRQ CH 3 1. NO PRINCIPLE OF AMERICAN GOVT. HAS BEEN MORE DESPUTED THAN. a. Federalism 2. Those who favor federalism argue that it permits more opportunities for. a. POLITICAL PARTICIPATION 3. Those who are against federalism argue that weak points in the system are. a. It allows special interest to frustrate efforts to solve national problems. b. Law enforcement and justice may be administered unevenly. c. The system may serve as a mask for privilege and economic and racial discrimination 4. Supremacy clause of the US constitution makes the U.S. constitution, all federal laws, and all treaties supreme to all. a. State laws and constitution 5. Federal aid to state and local governments that is earmarked for specific purposes, such as pollution control, schools, or hospitals are examples of.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Categorical grant 6. The Medicaid and food stamp programs are examples of which federal aid. a. Categorical grants 7. In the US Government is extraordinarily. . a. Complicated 8. The American system of government is based on the concept that power flow from who to who? a. People to government 9. The most important power of the people in America is? a. The right to vote 10. The political party is basic to the American system of government because it provides the vehicle for. . a. Competition and choice 11. Has the 2-party system predominated the US? a. Yes 12. Are candidates and elected officials sensitive to what the public is thinking? a. Yes...
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TRC CH 3 - a Categorical grant 6 The Medicaid and food...

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