Unit_3_notes-2 - The Presidency I The importance of the...

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Unformatted text preview: The Presidency I. The importance of the presidency : 1. looking how we treat the president – referred to as “Mr. President” even by closest friends, audience stands up on entrance of president, has special song (“Hail to the chief”) on entrances (no other leader has this.) President’s faces are placed on paper money. Presidents every wish and whim is catered to (Eisenhower – golfing, under his breath asked to get “the squirrels out of here” – next day all white house workers had chemicals and machines to get squirrels out. Carter’s daughter needed help on her project, truck unloaded 42 cartons of material.) President’s style is copied (JFK’s two button suit) II. Burdens of the office : lifespan is shortened 7 years below national average 4 major burdens – 1. Eisenhower mentioned to Kennedy – only issues that you will face are the toughest most controversial issues. 2. Harry Truman’s sign on his desk – “The buck stops here” can’t push responsibility on anybody else but yourself- Every single word and action is covered and scrutinized.- Bill Clinton’s adjusting: Resonance of presidential voice. 4. President (since JFK) has been able to incinerate life on this planet by starting nuclear war whenever he wants III. How did the founding fathers decide to structure the office?- No institution that fathers put together that gave them more conflict than presidency – they had no example to work from – 1 st decision to make: should president be a single person or group of people? – debated this because people said one person would form a dictator.- Madison’s Virginia plan –didn’t even raise this topic – Madison later convinced delegates it should be one person. o 1. Had to have ability to act with dispatch (quickly and decisively) o 2. Has to have ability to act in secret (particularly with foreign affairs) o 3. It would be easy for people to know whom to hold accountable- Powers to be given to the president of the United States : 1. Commander-in-chief of armed forces 2. Negotiate treaties 3. Extend diplomatic recognition to countries 4. Call congress into special session 5. Veto Legislation 6. Inform Congress on state of union and recommend 7. Grant pardons and reprieves 8. Execute the laws passed by congress IV. Change of Office : only major change was limiting terms of office for president to two terms, done by the 22 nd amendment. – Other provision of amendment: If president has served more than half of an unexpired term, then he may seek only on additional term after that.- Every single president since 22 nd amendment said they wanted unlimited terms - why? Because in 2 nd term they claim they are lame ducks – become less powerful- Founding fathers would object to 22 nd amendment because: 1. Good leadership should be rewarded. 2. Want to keep them in the time of great crisis. 3. It wouldn’t let president do whatever, if 3 rd term was available, they would think more before acting.term was available, they would think more before acting....
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Unit_3_notes-2 - The Presidency I The importance of the...

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