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QUESTIONS- Roman Fever

QUESTIONS- Roman Fever - 11 How does Mrs Ansley view Jenny...

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QUESTIONS: EDITH WHARTON, "ROMAN FEVER" DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH SPRING 2008 20.201 (04) COMPOSITION 2 Ferdâ Asya QUESTIONS EDITH WHARTON (1862-1937) " ROMAN FEVER" (1936) Answer all parts of each question with specific references to the story. 1. What are the different meanings of Roman Fever in the story? 2. What is the significance of Roman Fever for Grace Ansley? 3. What is the setting of this story? 4. What does Rome stand for each generation? 5. In what way does Rome serve as a metaphor of the mind? Whose mind can be compared to Rome? How? 6. How are the physical features of Alida Slade and Grace Ansley suggestive of their temperamental and emotional demeanor? 7. What is the history of the relationship between Alida Slade and Grace Ansley? 8. Compare the lifestyle of the Slates to that of the Ansleys. 9. What are the real thoughts and feelings of the two women for each other? How are they revealed? 10. How does Mrs. Slade view Barbara Ansley? What are her feelings for the young girl?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. How does Mrs. Ansley view Jenny Ansley? How do you compare her perceptions of the two young girls? 12. How does Mrs. Slade's attraction to Barbara foreshadow the surprise ending of the story? 13. At which point in the story do you feel the conflict between the two women? 14. Why is it significant that the two women should renew their acquaintance in Rome? 15. Why is the setting so crucial to the climax of "Roman Fever"? 16. How does the writer use irony to emphasize the impact of the climax of the story? 17. How does the writer use the passage of time of the day to parallel the unraveling of the plot of the story? 18. Why do the two women decide to let down their customary reserve and reveal secret truths to each other after all these years? 19. What is the resolution of the conflict in the story? 20. Provide a final order for the story....
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QUESTIONS- Roman Fever - 11 How does Mrs Ansley view Jenny...

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