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Homework # 13 Due: December 6 1. A firm is interested in determining the impact on worker performance of varying the light in the workplace. The firm observes the behavior of work over several weeks and computes the average level of output for each hour with varying conditions. The results are shown in the accompanying table. 75-Watt Bulbs 100-Walt Bulbs 150-Watt Bulbs 200-Watt Bulbs 16 21 28 15 14 27 26 23 12 23 29 15 10 19 27 9 a. What type of data are these values?
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Unformatted text preview: b. What are the independent and dependent variables? c. What is the "function unspecified" null and alternative hypothesis? d. Complete the analysis using both ANOVA's. Be sure to state the null and alternatives hypothesis. e. Calculate eta 2 , R 2 and interpret. f. Find r and discuss what its interpretation is. g. Test if r is significantly different from 0....
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