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Statistics I Homework #4 Due September 25 1. Using Figure 5.2 on page 5.9, answer the following questions. a. Using an alpha of .10 for a two tailed test, what would be the cutoff values for the Sum of the Ranks of A? b. If the observed value of the Sum of the ranks of A is 14, what is the p-value for a two tailed test? c. Describe what is meant by p-value. 2. For the data gathered in class:
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Unformatted text preview: a. What type of data do these numbers represent? b. What are the independent and dependent variables? c. What are the null and alternative hypotheses? d. Complete the 5 step procedure on two of the groups. One group must be your group. Make sure you draw a representation of the null frequency distribution. e. Estimate the p-value...
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