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hw3 - often In an effort to confirm this theory she...

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Business and Economics Statistics I Homework #3 Due September 18 1. Val N. Tine is interested in flower sales and holiday seasons. In particular, she believes that flower sales are greater in months where there is a holiday. a. Explain what the independent and dependent variable might be. b. Explain how you could gather nominal, ordinal, and Interval/ratio data to analyze this problem. 2. An optometrist, I. C. Spotts, was interested in the number of times patients visited her office in a 4 year period. She suspected that as patients get older, they visit more
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Unformatted text preview: often. In an effort to confirm this theory, she randomly sampled patients that come to her office and found the following results on the number of office visits each makes and the patients' ages. Age 25 35 45 55 1 5 6 10 2 5 7 12 4 8 8 14 5 9 10 a. What are the independent and dependent variables? b. What type of data are these values? c. Find SST, unaccountable, accountable variation. d. Determine eta square and interpret in terms of the problem. c. Find the variance and SD for each age group....
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