Unit 1 - 1.16.07 Introduction/Overview Corrections- The...

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1.16.07 Introduction/Overview Corrections - The community’s official response to the convicted offender *Try and explain figures/reasons behind them* -Mississippi has 68 people on death row, 2 female - Michelle Byram hired to have her husband killed -Incarceration Rate= Number of People Behind Bars 100,000 People in Population -U.S. has highest incarceration rate (about 725) of any nation followed by Russia and China. If Texas were a country, it would be 4 th . -There are over 2 million people behind bars in the U.S. right now, which includes jails and prisons. - U.S. has another 4.5 million on probation or parole plus, there are more people going into jail (about 900 per week) than coming out. -Texas and California are the top 2 states in terms of prison population -1/20 adults in Texas are under some type of criminal justice control -7.5 million people (3%) in U.S. are under criminal justice supervision -Number of females in prison now exceeds 100,000 for the first time, incarceration rate is also at an all time high. -There are also differences in ethnicities represented in different prisons. - Prisons in Hispanic areas would have a larger Hispanic population… - Big problem for administrators are gangs behind bars. - Specifically those who were in gangs on the streets, were arrested, and then met up with fellow gang members in prison -Shifting demographics reflect in prison populations. -Federal prison populations are also growing (175,000+)
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-Private prison populations are also increasing, but many people question if they are more efficient or if they are in compliance with correctional law. - Proposition 83 (CA) deals with prison overcrowding, basically sends prisoners from an overcrowded prison in one state to a less crowded prison in another state Ex. 20 miles away from Parchman is a private prison, the population is 75% Hawaiian, due to this proposition. -#1 growing concern as far as crime is identity theft, which has been a federal offense since 1998 1.18.07 Prison Overcrowding -It costs about $43 per day to house a person in jail. Plus, the older a person gets, the higher that number becomes (primarily more expensive medically) - LWOP - Life Without Parole- MAJOR reason for prison overcrowding. The number of people with LWOP has increased over the years. -Death Row is one statistic that has dropped -CA has over 600 -TX has over 400 (difference? They execute.) *Decrease in number could be due to inconclusive evidence of accusation in trials; juries also may have alternative of LWOP, which they may find morally easier to deal with. Prison Overcrowding---- -Prison overcrowding could be due to better law enforcement. -People are being put behind bars for things that weren’t necessarily crimes years ago (drugs). -Truth in sentencing laws- require you to serve at least 85% of your
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Unit 1 - 1.16.07 Introduction/Overview Corrections- The...

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