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Socio essay response #1 - Kyle Johnson Socio. of Media and...

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Kyle Johnson Socio. of Media and Pop Culture. Recitation 415 10/13/06 Two-A-Days is a reality television show that airs on MTV; it chronicles the lives of individuals that attend Hoover High School in the small town of Hoover, Alabama. The shows focus however, is placed strongly upon the schools varsity football team. As a team overall, the Buccaneers are extremely dedicated; so much in fact, that the team practices twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night (This is where the name of the program is obtained from). The 5 th episode in the series, a particularly intriguing chapter, is entitled “Homecoming Week;” this episode takes place during, obviously, homecoming week. At Hoover High, however, this week is a bit different than what one may already be accustomed to. The program begins with a bit of narration, informing the viewer how homecoming week goes down at Hoover. Everyday the students dress up in ridiculous clothing, many go in as their favorite superheroes, villains, stars, or do the opposite and dress down until their appearance is verging on unattractive. One girl who looked particularly attractive in her Wonder Woman costume was asked by a fellow classmate if she was a “porn star.” At the culmination of this celebrated week, there is a Powder-puff football game, where the girls and guys switch roles; a game for fun where the ladies play football and men cheerlead in skirts. After that, there is the much anticipated homecoming football game where their celebrated team plays under the lights in the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. And lastly, to bring the chaotic week to a close the school hosts a formal dance. During the episode, I found many of the events to be interesting, almost ritualistic, and completely fascinating when observed with a critical eye. Although the week only 1
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consists of dressing up, playing 2 games of football, and a formal dance, it’s so much more for the students at the school. During the episode the following was said about homecoming week and its events: “It’s the best part of your senior year.” “It is a huge honor to be nominated [for] homecoming queen.” “All four years of High School we have been waiting for this night, and this dance.” and “The senior dance is one of the last times we are all able to come together in a big group.” What is so special about this week in particular? Why do these students cherish
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Socio essay response #1 - Kyle Johnson Socio. of Media and...

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