Clay Smith - down my face. I looked like a...

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Clay Smith Comp.1 2:00 -3:15 Baker Lessons learned “Fire!” I screamed running down the hill towards my Dad and uncle, my cousin Brian just stood there and watched I burn . “ What happened?” he asked I was stopped, “ Me and tanner were playing with a smoke bomb, when it stopped smoking we stopped paying attention then when we looked back there was a ten foot circle of burnt grass and a lot of smoke”. My dad then instructed me to drive his truck back and forth filling up 5 gallon buckets and bring them to him and my uncle. Had we been in any other situation I would have been ecstatic because I was only 13, but I didn’t think of it as a fun thing we were trying to stop a fire that I had started.
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After my third or fourth trip I was covered in soot and the only part that was fleshed colored were the streaks where tears had been running
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Unformatted text preview: down my face. I looked like a thirteen-year-old coal miner. We fought it for 45 minutes before we decided to call the fire department, which wasn’t really a fire department more of a bunch of bored farmers. We continued to fight it with no success, every time we would almost get one side out the wind would gust and the fire would come back even better than it had been before almost like the fire was laughing in our faces. We just continued to fight it before long we were all covered as I had been but the only one with the tear streaks were my cousin tanner and I. we had not stopped crying the entire time. By the time that the fire department arrived there was at least 30 acres gone what was once a great plain was now a smoldering sheet of black. i looked around at all the smoke and began to cry...
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Clay Smith - down my face. I looked like a...

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