Was Aaron Burr a bad guy - Haley Rose @00972345 History...

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Haley Rose @00972345 History 11:00-12:15 Was Aaron Burr a bad guy? After reading chapter one, The Duel, in Founding Brothers, Written by Joseph J. Ellis, one may come to conclude their own opinion about whether or not Aaron Burr was the bad guy? In all reality the American History has chosen a side and gone with it. Aaron Burr was truly not a bad guy. American History has distinctively chosen to show the world Hamilton’s side of the story because to them it makes sense and that is what everyone has come to believe. In a sense Hamilton and Burr are both to blame for the mishap of Hamilton’s death because of the simple facts of what went on before the duel, how the duel took place, and the aftermath of the way the story was told. Before the duel Hamilton and Burr had already begun a duel in a sense; this duel had begun in the Albany Register. The register stated that Hamilton had spoken of Burr as “Despicable”. This being one of the first reasons Hamilton and Burr had the “Code
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Was Aaron Burr a bad guy - Haley Rose @00972345 History...

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