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FINAL EXAM - Name Faust Final Exam(135 Points Please type...

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Name_______________ Faust: Final Exam (135 Points) Please type your responses below the underlined questions. Please do not underline your response. The 5-point questions are meant to be short responses. Answer briefly and accurately, and then move on. All references are either to the English version (E) or the German original (G) as used in class. I. Short answer (5 points each): 1. Define the term “Faustian”. To get full credit, you need to do more than simply look up the word in a dictionary. This is a great opportunity to show what you’ve learned this semester about the Faust story. (This is also a good place to earn some bonus points!) 2. To what extent is Hendrik Höfgen Faust? To what extent is he Mephisto? 3. What is Hetaera esmeralda ? Where does Adrian first hear the term? Looking back at the novel, what is its significance for the Adrian? 4. What gift does Tolna give Adrian? Describe it and explain its significance (Ch XXXVI). 5. Why does Adrian ask Rudi to go to Marie? Why does he pick Rudi to do this? (Ch. XLI) 6. What is the significance of Echo to Adrian? What does he represent? What is his role in the Faust story? 7. Characterize Apocalipsis cum figuris as depicted on pages E392-394 (Ch. XXXIV Conclusion). In particular, describe and explain Adrian’s use of the “primal howl” as the “return … to a primal stage, as it is horrifyingly reproduced by the chorus” (E394). 8. To what extent does Adrian’s final composition, the symphonic cantata The Lamentation of Dr. Faustus , “take back” or revoke Beethoven’s Ninth symphony? (See Ch. XLVI). Why should it, or why does it need to? What did Beethoven’s Ninth—and its dramatic cousin, Goethe’s Faust —express that needed to be revoked? 9. What does each Faust (Johann Faustus, Goethe’s Faust, Lessing’s Faust, Murnau’s Faust, Hendrik Höfgen, Adrian) really want? II. Essay . Answer each question. Cite evidence from the texts. (10 points each) 1. Delineate the terms and nature of the pact between “Faust” and “Mephistopheles” for Mephisto and Doctor Faustus . What does each want? What does Faust achieve as a result of the pact? Does he achieve his goals? What consequences does the pact bring for him?
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What is the cost to him?
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