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Comm Studies - Exam 1 Review

Comm Studies - Exam 1 Review - CMST 192 Review#1 February...

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CMST 192, Review #1 Name:_______________________________ February 2008 Class period: ___________________ Chapter 1 : Be able to define “communication” and discuss its characteristics. What are the types of communication discussed within our text? What are the functions that communication fulfills? Understand the distinction between the types of communication (e.g., what is mediated communication?) What skills has an effective communicator got? Know the common misconceptions about communication. Lecture notes : If shown a diagram of the rhetorical act, be able to label the components (speaker/sender; message/encoding; feedback/decoding; receiver/audience; context) Understand the basics of James Carey’s transmission and ritual view of communication Dean Barnlund writes that there are six personae represented in each communication dyad. Who are these personae? We discussed three mechanical models of communication (the action model, the interaction model, the transaction model) and a fourth, non-mechanical model, the constructivist model. Be able to roughly
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