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Journal entry for week ending ______, 2008 CMST 192 Group name:____________________________________ 1. What roles are being assumed by each member (task, maintenance, and individualistic)? 2. Who has emerged in a leadership role over the course of the week, i.e.; who is doing what? 3. What has been accomplished during the past week (toward your various projects)? 4. What are you planning to do during the upcoming week? 5. How has your group distributed tasks?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Have any conflicts arisen in your group? If so, how are you solving such conflicts? 7. Explain the process you use to make decisions. 8. Please list each group member who has been able to meet with the entire group via email or telephone. If anyone has been absent, please notate the reason for such absence. The typed name and handwritten signature for each group member must be on each journal being handed in. Duwayne Danny Kevin Luke Eden 1/2008...
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