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Study Guide Chapter 2 Herd

Study Guide Chapter 2 Herd - Study Guide Managing for...

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Study Guide Managing for another Company Chapter 2/Herd 1. What do sales associates consider before accepting a management job offer? a. Where and what your new job assignment will be, what’s the physical condition of the office and equipment, will the company refurbish the office if necessary, what’s their reputation in the community and why, how well located is the company, are they willing to relocate the office if necessary, what’s the office’s main marketing area, is the company’s office a good fit for the main marketing area, what’s the makeup of sales and administrative staff, how many agents will the office accommodate, how many empty desks and non-operative agents are there, are there factions that have formed in the office, who are the players and how will you deal with them 2. Before accepting a management job offer, the candidate should know how the company’s philosophy is different from his or her philosophy. What does this mean? a.
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