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The Pendulum Sarah Abdul TA: Aravinda Vanga Section: 25159 Abstract: The effect of mass, initial angle, and string length of a pendulum were tested in this experiment. The gravitational acceleration during the length test was measured at 9.55 m/s2 while the calculated gravitational acceleration was 8.91 m/s2.
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Objective: The main objective of this experiment was to determine how mass of pendulum weights, angular amplitude, and string length affects the swinging period of a pendulum. This will verify the current equation explaining pendulum motion which related the time of period with the length of the string and the gravitational constant for small angles of release. Procedure: The experiment for this lab included three separate part. Each portion tested the effect of a different variable on the period of each pendulum swing. To start the procedure, an apparatus was set up to allow for pendulum motion. This included a stand which held a string with a weight, and an opto-sensor (motion gate) which allowed the computer to record the time of each pass of the pendulum weight. A protractor was also added at the end of the stand in order to measure the approximate initial angle of the pendulum’s string. The motion gate was then set to be around the weight at rest, to allow the proper time recording of each pass. A piece of tape was also placed around the hole of the pendulum to hold the string in place and record each pass correctly as a unit instead of mistakenly as two separate units while it passed through the motion gate. For the first test, the influence of mass on the end of the pendulum and its effect
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phy5done - The Pendulum Sarah Abdul TA: Aravinda Vanga...

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