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psychology movie paper - Jeremy Ocheltree Into to...

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Jeremy Ocheltree Into to Psychology Professor C. Mozo 4/12/08 I chose a beautiful mind for Assignment #5. This film portrays a brilliant Princeton student, who suffers from severe schizophrenia throughout the movie. His disorder worsens as he ages and has trouble distinguishing reality from his imaginary world. He has an imaginary friend named William who he claims has been his best friend since Princeton. He is also trapped in another mind battle with an imaginary government official whom hired him to crack codes against the Russians. His disorder becomes life threatening for both himself and his family. With perseverance, he is able to control his hallucinations by simply choosing not to acknowledge them—not making them disappear completely. I diagnose him with schizophrenia which can be both hereditary and developed. Having to deal with large amounts of stress at work, John’s mind was not receiving proper rest. He has a very introverted personality and little to no social skills, thus leaving a gap between john and the rest of the world. He chooses to fill this gap with friends out of his own imagination. Under conditions that
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2008 for the course PSYCH 201S taught by Professor M.hixon during the Spring '08 term at Old Dominion.

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psychology movie paper - Jeremy Ocheltree Into to...

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