weiner 3 -Thoreau and King Jr

weiner 3 -Thoreau and King Jr - Thoreau and King Jr. I....

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Thoreau and King Jr. I. Thoreau Both my appear to be his motivation as well as the stance that he assumes in his essay. If you address it thorough motivation, “why did he refuse to pay his tax” He didn’t want to support the government because Mexican American war and slavery. What was he hoping to achieve by not paying his taxes? What is driving him? He has a duty as a person not to pay his taxes. A duty to stand up to injustice. He needs to be able to go to sleep at night with a clean conscience. If you know so much Thoreau they why aren’t you engaged??? Do you really think that by not paying taxes, it’s going to “mans duty, enormous wrong, it is his duty to wash his hands of it… not to give it his support” you mustn’t commit and injustice, Thoreau says is it his responsibility to eradicate wrong. He says he has other things he likes doing with his life, and he has a write to do those things, he has to make sure tat “he’s is engaged in injustice” when he is pursuing, he’s not doing it on another mans shoulder, so he could kick back and contemplate. THE RIGHT TO ENGAGE IN COMPLATATIONS. If other people do not have this right, I can’t sit on another mans shoulders. He wants to choose which tax he pays for, and what he believes in. he’s talking his guidance from his conscience. The means is that he is not paying his taxes, his ends is to stop slavery and bring end to the Mexican-American war. a. Purity or politics? b. Reformation within and without II. Broad Questions III. MLK Jr a. Brief Biography Condition around the letter, he was organizing protest but didn’t get permit. He was tro fellow religion leaders, and they wrote an open letter critical of his actions. Supreme court 1954 brown vs. education. Segregation is unconstitutional for school, buses. When this court hand the decision down, the south say we ain’t going to enforece that. We’re not going to integrate that into our school and swimming pulls. President is reluctant to send in troops because he would lose vote. King arises as civil rights leader. He was young, 26 yrs old. Dec1 Rosa Parks is arrested, and there is an organization that developes to boycott buses, it was developed by king. Non violent resistance on a missive scale. During these times companie’s revenues were cut by 65%. The leaders went out after king saying that he’s leading unauthorized transportation, his house was attacked. Then after the supreme court, integration of buses. But the snipers on buses, black churches being bombed. This becomed the strategy for dimanteling the souther apartheid system. A parade permit was denied, but they went ahead with it, and the denial of the permit was unconstitutional They go ahead with the parade, and gets arrested. He’s sitting in the cell and see’s white clergymen writing things against him. Timeline- king is assinated when he’s 39 years old. It’s humbling that he accomplished
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weiner 3 -Thoreau and King Jr - Thoreau and King Jr. I....

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