weiner notes 2-sophicles and pericles

weiner notes 2-sophicles and pericles - Pericles Funeral...

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Soldiers burial “acts deserve acts” not words He says that the soldiers grew up in the great city where there is democracy, and they did a duty by protecting their land for the other citizens. The most important characteristic of this city is that it has a democracy which is not copied from others and is unique. The laws secure equal justice to all the citizens. They allow everyone with in their city walls “moresover, the city is so large and powerful that all the wealth of all the world flows in ro hwe, so that our own Attic products seem no more homelike to us than the fruits and labours of other nations.” Therefore it was the soldiers duty to fight this war and they died for a good cause.What’s to remember from the lives of these men is their courage and they died for the right reasons. By dying for their city, they were able to keep the greatness of it and would allow it to prosper. Sophocles – the play starts right after the death of Oedipus and his daughter/half-sister Antigone, wants to have a proper burial for him, but her uncle wants to leave his corpse outside where he will not have a proper burial. When Creon is giving a speech to the citizens about his plan to not bury Oedipus a watchman tells that the body disappears. Creon’s main reason not to bury Oedipus is because he died in a disgraceful way, and funeral are for those who died with pride and honor. Both show how seriously the Greeks viewed funerals, and how funerals aren’t supposed to be sad but to remember a the reason a person died. Class Notes August 30, 2006 Reading political theory and the invention of (democratic) politics I. Reading political theory How is reading political theory different from reading text book? More like reading a story, unlike facts being thrown at you These stories are meant to teach something – so you have to read the arguments of these authors and decide if there are internal problems with their argument. II. The Greeks invent democracy – Western notions of politics a. Pericles Funeral oration ( 430 BC) - this was given during the pelyponession wars and it was a mass funeral held for the soldiers. he was the general and explains to the families why the cause for their death is justified. he’s explaining the values that we hold high, and these people defended the values b. Pericles power was dependent upon his orator skills. Because the people needed to grant him power based on their belief on him. c. 1 st paragraph – he is sensitive to the way his words are going to be heard. Speaking is the act of communication that is equally dependent on the speaker as the listener. He says that the people who died did deeds that deserve other deeds, so words alone are not sufficient for what these people have done. What these people have done lives on. Wise about the conditions about what people hear what they have to say. d.
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weiner notes 2-sophicles and pericles - Pericles Funeral...

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