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Explaining Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish A poem should convey its message without having to say very much It should be interpreted to be understood A poem should be silent- comfortable in its use Meaning has to be attached, it does not come with it A poem begins scattered Only to organize subconsciously A poem shouldn’t change As time passes- still holding its moment. Parts of the poem reveal themselves little by little To become whole after being thought about Only to leave the same way it had come A poem should not change Even though time passes A poem does not need to be a certain way to truly be a poem The topic can be anything and the poem must survive everything The poem does not have a definite reason It just exists for the reader to attach meaning to it. 1. A poem can be wordless in that the focus is not on the words, but on the meaning or feeling the poem appears to be part of. Poetry is more than beautiful words, it is the way
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Unformatted text preview: the words fit together to create a work of art. A poem is motionless in time because once it is written it will not change. A poem traps a moment, holding that one point for all eternity. 2. The poet’s philosophy of poetry is that it is indeed a work of art that must go deeper than fancy words and exist longer than a fad. A poem should have a shelf-life of eternity. Just as the quality of the paint does not make a masterpiece in painting, the quality of words alone does not make a wonderful poem. A poem should not mean because times change. Instead of necessarily having a meaning already, the poem should be able to let the reader find his or her own meaning and attach it to the poem. The poem should not be true because truth lies in facts, and emotions and interpretations are not facts. A poem should be taken subjectively, thus it has no definite truth....
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