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Mirror by SylviaPlath Explained

Mirror by SylviaPlath Explained - Reaches toward her day...

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Mirror by Sylvia Plath Explained I am silver and exact (what you see is what you get) I am not subjective. What I experience I take into me- add to myself Without changing it, I don’t change it with my opinions or feelings. I am not cruel, only truthful- A small reflection of you, not biased, but powerful Most of the time, I stare into space- at the wall It is pink with speckles, I have stared to long that I know it intimately, It is almost a part of me. But it flickers, changes People and darkness come between us again and again. My existence changes, I am a lake. A woman bends over me She is trying to find herself in me- (Or are we the same?) She turns to those liars; light is a liar, only imitating the sun She leaves me but I am still true to her This makes her upset, she cries and wrings her hands She may leave, but I am important to her so she comes back. Every morning she is the light chasing away the darkness She has drowned a young girl in me (versions of herself?) and an old woman
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Unformatted text preview: Reaches toward her day after day, like a fish. 1. The speaker is the mirror, as it faithfully reflects a woman. The central purpose of the poem is to describe a sort of narcissism. The woman in the poem falls in love with her weaknesses. Like Narcissus, she drowns her youth and age to come, but she is left with negativity where Narcissus was left with beauty. 2. The mirror is like a person in that it can swallow, think, meditate, look and see. The mirror also has a heart, like a person does. It is unlike a person in the fact that is does not judge or have a defined sense of self beyond it’s shape (“Whatever I see I swallow immediately”). The mirror is like a lake because it can be bent over and people can be drowned (metaphorically) in it. 3. The woman who comes to the mirror has watched herself change from young to old within it. She lost her youth and is now aware of old age slowly creeping up on her....
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