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According to Aristotle, a person can teach only if he has a pure understanding about the skill or art he intends to teach. Experience, while great, is not enough to teach about a topic. Rather, it is the understanding of the intricacies about that topic that enable a person to teach. Experience in an area does not lead to a person gaining the ability to extract the “why” or “how.” Art is the knowledge of an experience such that one can recreate that experience. Experience does not imply knowledge or understanding, whereas art does imply these things. Every day, I wear a pair of shoes. In fact, most people (especially in the colder climate that is normal for Binghamton) wear shoes daily. Just because I wear shoes and experience shoes does not mean I understand them. I most certainly could not ever recreate them. I haven’t the slightest idea as to where I might start such a process. On the other hand, a shoe-maker would know how to create or recreate a shoe. He would be proficient in his art or area of expertise. I who wears the shoe could not ever teach how make such an item because I do not understand the causes of it, nor do I understand the principles of building it. He who creates the shoe would be quite qualified to instruct on
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RR11 AristotleMetaphysicsTeachUnderstandingExperience -...

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