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“Everything you can imagine is real.” Picasso Imagination is a powerful thing. It comes into play in your dreams, hallucinations, and even in the way you perceive your memories. Aristotle speaks of this strong process in book III of “De Anima” and compares it with thought and perception- two other powerful processes. Thought includes both imagination and opinion. Doxa, or opinion can be either true or false, while imagination can be neither true nor false. A person may imagine that there is a parrot in the room, but this is merely a product of this person’s mind. It is when he declares that this image in his head is truth that he can be deemed incorrect. When a product of the imagination is taken as reality it is presumably false. There really is no parrot in the room. We must additionally take into account the person who hallucinates. When my mother was a Resident Assistant in college, she had a girl who was convinced that there were demons in the corner and they were coming to get her. While these
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