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RR6 SocratesThamusThoth

RR6 SocratesThamusThoth - Thoth was thought to be the...

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Thoth was thought to be the wisest of all Egyptian gods. His name means ‘truth’ and ‘time.’( http://www.crystalinks.com/thoth.html ) It was he who created all things, including writing. It is told that Thoth believed writing would be the “magic potion” to enhance mans memory and make him wise. In the story that Socrates relays, when Thoth introduced his creation of the art of writing to then-king Thamus, Thamus declared it to be false in representation. The Egyptian king knew that being able to have things written down would eliminate the need to remember them. I believe that Thamus is the one who is correct. The creation of writing has led the human race to become more forgetful. Where we once were able to remember entire stories word-for-word, we now must right down a list of things we need to do in a day. By writing something down, we merely transfer the information into short term memory, lasting only long enough to get from the pen to the paper. Once upon a time, people would recite their lessons. They would come to remember them this way, as opposed to
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