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“If the gods had not made yellow honey, people would think figs far sweeter than they do.” People understand that figs are not the sweetest thing because they have experienced the sweetness of honey. Without this experience, people would not have gained the knowledge of which was sweeter. Everything that we have is only a theory or a belief. Xenophanes is well known for being a skeptic. He refused to accept things just because that was the tradition. Rather, he believes that the only way to know things is to truly experience them. Even so, he knew that a person’s experiences were largely subjective, and dependent on the experiences that may have come before. Xenophanes was a firm believer of gaining information with the senses. He held the opinion that to actually come to know things, a person must first experience them in some way. When it would come to things such as gods and heaven, he knew that people could not encounter these things and explore them. “No man has seen nor will anyone
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