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Well-known reformer Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. She graduated from the Rockford Female Seminary as valedictorian in 1882. Founding social settlement Hull House in 1889, she created an area that served a variety of immigrants and was the base for many clubs, functions, and activities. Hull House helped to Americanize immigrants with English classes and cooking classes. Kindergartens, gymnasiums, and libraries were also made available. The Immigrants’ Protective League, The Juvenile Protective Association, and The Juvenile Psychopathic Clinic were all introduced in Hull House. Addams pushed for women’s suffrage, immigrant protection, the recognition of labor unions, and industrial safety, and was a key component in getting a strong child labor law passed in 1903. Having written eleven books about her philosophies and activities relating to Hull House, she traveled the nation and the world speaking about her publications. Jane Addams was awarded the Nobel
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