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The 1964 Civil Rights Act was presented by President Kennedy in 1963, and signed after his assassination by President Johnson in 1964. This legislation made it illegal to discriminate against someone based on his race, color, creed, religion, gender, or nationality in such areas as government, employment, and public services (such as transportation). Initially intended to protect the rights of African Americans, Virginian Democrat Howard W. Smith pressed for its amendment to include women before being passed. Forced racial segregation in schools, employment, and housing became illegal. It also started the Equal Employment Opportunity group, which called for federal contractors to enforce affirmative action plans so as to raise the number of women and minorities in the workplace. Women Strike for Peace (WSP), a peace activist group founded by Bella Abzug and Dagmar Wilson, began as part of the movement for a ban on nuclear testing. The group evolved from an international protest against nuclear testing held on November 1,
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