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Study Guide – Final Exam The exam has 30 multiple choice/true-false questions. These are worth 1.5 points each. There are 8 definitions from which you will choose any 5 to answer (write your own definition out and be sure to illustrate that you understand the term you are defining). These will be worth 7 points each. You will then choose 1 out of 4 short essay questions to answer (you should provide your answer in the space provided – again ensuring that you have shown that you understand the question and answer you are providing in a clear, concise manner). This will be worth 20 points… I emphasize that this study guide is not a license to excuse you from doing the assigned readings. In no way feel that this guide is guaranteed to cover all potential questions or topics on the exam!! Good luck. Potential Vocabulary – remember to define these in the context of the readings or class discussion! Authority Empowerment Influence Organizational Politics Personal Power Social Power Power Zone of Indifference
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Unformatted text preview: Autocratic Style Democratic Style Charisma Followership Formal Leadership Informal Leadership Functional Conflict Superordinate Goals Dysfunctional Conflict Intrarole Conflict Organizational Development Role Negotiation Transformational Change Punctuated Equilibrium Job Redesign Management by Objectives Change Agent Incremental Change Potential Essay Questions Name and describe French and Ravens 5 Sources of Power. . List and describe Kanters Symbols of Power and Kordas Symbols of Power. Compare and contrast leadership and management. Compare and contract transformational and transactional leadership. Describe the structural and personal factors that are the potential causes of conflict in the organization. List and describe any 3 of the effective conflict management techniques. Describe and explain Lewins Change model List and describe any 3 of the organizational and group-focused organizational development intervention techniques....
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