Exam 1 Review - Chapter 1 Definition of Sport Pitts,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Definition of Sport Pitts, Fielding, & Miller (1994) Any activity, experience or business enterprise for which the primary focused on fitness, recreation, athletics, or leisure related Sport Management Any combination of skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport and/or physical activity- (DeSen si, Kelley, Blanton, & Beitel, 1990) - The study and practice of all people, activities, businesses, and organizations involved in producing, facilitating, promoting or organizing any product that is sport, fitness, and recreation related- (Pitts & Stotlar, 2002) History of Sport Management Ohio University The first masters SM program in 1966 U S & Canada More then 200 schools offers undergraduate and graduate Sport Manage m e nt programs Bachelors: 147 institutions Masters: 98 institutions Ph.D.: 17 institutions New Sports & Physical Activities Several varieties of aerobics: Jazzrobics Boogie boarding Parasailing Ice climbing Indoor socc er Extreme (action) Sports : X Game s Born between 1961 & 1981 (X Generation) Slam ball, Street luge, Motocross biking, Bunge e jumping, Snow bicycling, Snowboarding X Game s (ESPN), Gravity Gam e s (NBC), Gorge Gam e s (NBC) Middle & high school students (televised sport viewing preferenc e s ) More students preferred watching the X Game s than World Series and FIFA World Cup Sport Industry Segments Interrelationships among various seg m e nts of the sport industries Three different models Product Type Model Economic Impact Model Sport Activities Model All three models Useful and different ways to consider the world of sport 1. Product Type Model (Pitts, Fielding, & Miller, 1994) Developing a seg m e ntation model of the sport industry based on: The types of products sold Promoted by the busines s/organizations within them Helping sport marketers, who are typically responsible for formulating competitive strategies Sport performance, production, and promotion make up the model proposed 3Ps segments of the sport industry Sport performance School-sponsored athletics, fitness clubs, sports camps, professional sport, and municipal parks Sport production Basketballs, fencing fails, jogging shoes, sports medicine clinics, swimming pools, and college athletics conferences...
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Exam 1 Review - Chapter 1 Definition of Sport Pitts,...

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