Exam 3 Review - Chapter 10 Consumer perception o A process...

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Chapter 10 Consumer perception o A process by which a person selects, organizes, and interprets stimuli in order to create a meaningful picture of the world o Depends on the characteristics of the person, situation, or thing perceived (stimulus factors) and the characteristics of the perceiver (individual factors) o Physical input from surrounding environment Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations o Cognitive input from expectations, motives, and learning as a result of previous expectation o 1. Selection tend to be aware of stimuli that meet their needs and interests filter out stimuli that are less personally relevant o 2. Organization People group stimuli together and perceive them as a unified whole o 3. Interpretation organize the stimuli into patterns and groupings Perceptions depend on each person’s interpretation of the stimuli Consumer attitudes (overall attitude) o Cognitive component – belief about the sport o Affective component – feelings about the sport o Behavioral component – actions toward the sport Consumer involvement and identification o Consumer involvement A combination of one’s interest in a sport product (e.g., team athlete, sport) the degree to which one considers the product an important part of one’s life o High levels of involvement Think about, talk about, and read about sports frequently o Consumer (Team) Identification The extents to which a fan feels psychologically connected to a team Closely related to involvement Ex. I am a Red Sox fan, or I am a scuba diver • Expressions of identification with team The most commons object of identification is the team Team identification positively influence an individual’s involvement Consumer loyalty o Following a particular team all their lives o Emotional and psychological investment o Consistent behavior o Loyalty To shortcut the decision process To reduce the alternatives available to customers To stimulate continued team related spending
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Consumer socialization o “The process whereby individuals learn skills, traits, values, attitudes, norms and knowledge associated with performance of present or anticipated social roles” o Decision Making Family, friends, teachers, other reference groups Situational influences o A set of factors outside the individual consumer and removed from the product or advertisement of the product that the consumer is buying o Situational influence The influence arising from factors that are particular to a specific time and place and are independent of individual customer’s characteristics o Physical surroundings The geographic location, décor, sound, smells, lighting, weather, crowding Example • How weather would influence your decision to play tennis • Retailing organization - Nike Town store has a hardwood basketball court in its basketball shoe section and plays audiotape of the unique
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Exam 3 Review - Chapter 10 Consumer perception o A process...

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