Buddhism Handout - THE BUDDHA'S ENLIGTENMENT The Four Noble...

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THE BUDDHA'S ENLIGTENMENT The Four Noble Truths : 1) All life is suffering (" Dukkha "). 2) Suffering is caused by Desire (" Tanha "). 3) There can be an end to desire (" Nirvana "--"extinction"). 4) The way out is the "eightfold path." (" Marga ") The Eightfold Path : 1) Right Understanding : Requires comprehending the first three Noble Truths. Also consists in perceiving all beings (persons AND things) as transitory collections of "skandas". Skandhas are temporary bundles of "attachment" or "desire" energies which comprise all ideas, physical forms, and consciousnesses. All people and things erroneously think that each of them are separate, real entities, and not something nearly so impermanent. 2) Right intentions/thought : Since our thoughts constitute the basis of who we are, having our thought ordered properly is esential. To help there are four "unlimited" virtues; guided by these our actions are correct, without them they are badly intended. The goal is non-violence ( ahimsa ). a. Unlimited friendliness b. Unlimited compassion c. Unlimited sympathetic joy d. Unlimited even-mindedness 3) Right Speech : Speaking detracts from the peace that comes with nirvana, and therefore should be done only when necessary. Even then, all speech which harms, offends, or gossips is forbidden. 4) Right Conduct : Living according to the Four Virtues (see #2) 5) Right Livelihood : A proper livelihood should not only be beneficial to oneself and others, it must not harm (directly or indirectly) anybody in the process. 6)
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Buddhism Handout - THE BUDDHA'S ENLIGTENMENT The Four Noble...

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