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Name: Date: Apply- Your Problem Speech 1. Create a preparation outline for your problem speech. You can use the following template as a guide, though be sure to consult with your instructor for his/her preferred format. The Deteriorating Infrastructure of America I. Introduction a. The present condition of America’s essential infrastructure is a threat to the safety of all Americans. b. Airports, bridges, drinking water systems, roads, schools, the power grid and many other essential systems are old and neglected. c. Every person here depends on infrastructure that is in disrepair every day. The current state of neglect costs people billions of dollars annually and infrastructure failures have killed hundreds of people in the last ten years. d. The American Society of Civil Engineers and the Army Corps of Engineers have independently given our infrastructure a failing grade. e. Poorly maintained infrastructure is an issue of public safety, as well as a burden on the taxpayers who will be forced to pay an exorbitant bill for essential repairs.
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Unformatted text preview: [Transition] II. Body a. The infrastructure we use every day is in dangerous condition. i. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the country’s infrastructure a D grade overall in their comprehensive 2005 evaluation. This is a decline from 2001 where the same systems earned a D+. ii. There are 3,500 dams in the United States that are indentified by the ASCE as unsafe. Thirty three percent of these present a direct threat to human life if they were to fail. iii. Poorly maintained roads are responsible, or a significant factor, in 30% of fatal accidents. iv. Twenty seven percent of bridges are functionally obsolete, meaning they are unsafe without restrictions on speed, vehicle size, and volume. [Transition] b. Main Point #1 i. Subpoint 1 ii. Subpoint 2 iii. Subpoint 3 [Transition] c. Main Point #3 (Etc….) [Transition] Name: Date: III. Conclusion a. Clear transition to conclusion b. Summary of main ideas c. Strong closing statement...
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problemoutline - [Transition] II. Body a. The...

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